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Naming Convention

Each piece is referenced with a letter and number. Eg W285

Sometimes there is also a letter after the number. Eg W289B

The first letter relates to where the piece was made:

S = Stourbridge
K = Royal College of Art
P = Peterborough
W = Isle of Wight
F = Farnham

The number is the firing reference (sequential) and if there is a letter at the end of the reference it relates to the shelf the piece was placed on in the kiln. A is always the top shelf.

Usually a number of things are fired in the same kiln, taking advantage of differing temperatures within the kiln.


After Care

We use a wax finish on many of the pebbles as they get greasy in use and it stops finger printing.

With care you can alter the opacity / transparency of the surface.

Use a double pan to melt a normal domestic white candle over boiling water. Remove from the heat and add about 4- 8 parts Genuine Turpentine (this is inflammable so take care of flames). You can purchase the turpentine from art shops or paint shops. Test the resulting mixture on a cool surface, you need it liquid at room temperature.

Put the mixture on the piece with a cloth and wipe off, or put it on the piece and leave to dry then buff up. The more layers you do, the more transparent it gets. This method gives a really good general hard wax finish on anything really.

You can remove the wax with thinners if required.

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