Making - W278

This piece was made on its side then upturned.

The thinking process involved in doing this was very long and fraught with complex problems. Resolved by working back from the final perceived piece to the start point using geological methods, as in the earth and technology from past pieces.

Brian in the workshop in 2006 with one of his old note books from 1981 (earliest notes dated back to 1970s).


Assembly in the kiln (for the previous methods see W283).


Dam assembly.

These are designed to shield glass from direct radiation but still allow heat in. Brian and Jenny called them skeleton moulds.


Fuzing starting.



Note the movement of the black stripe which was originally straight, this is a combination of the set up, careful heating and gravity, which is pushing and pulling the glass in different ways.


Out of the kiln for rest of process see W283 (click to view W283 process).


The finished piece (click the photo to view details).